questions about smart home devices

Sure, any smart devices installed from light switches to electric curtains can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you need broadband in your property for the
devices to work this can be from any devices and
we would be more than happy to arrange this for
you with one of our suppliers.

From any smart phone or tablet no matter how old, android or apple.

Yes, as long as you have data on your phone or
an internet connection.

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Questions about alarm systems

Alarm Monitoring is the link between your property and an Alarm Receiving centre that is permanently manned. Any activation weather a simple power cut to a confirmed Intruder Signal all is being acted accordingly. Unlick basic alarms that just sound outside a monitored system gives a guaranteed response

If your property were to lose power your
monitored response system will not turn off and leave you in a venerable situation. Your alarm system has a backup battery system that will last a minimum of 8 hours so your system
will continue to work and protect you normally. However, the central station will inform you that the property has lost power within 30 mins.

Not a problem one of the 50 plus staff in our
control room will call you to assess and request security information and help you reset the system.

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Questions about CCTV

You can not only live view, but you can play your systems back on your smart phone or tablet at any time.

All our system work at night with the Hikvision
dark fighter these systems even remain in colour at night.

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We can install Wi-Fi booster or routers
throughout your home to expand the

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Moving into the
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SHS is founded on the back of 35 years plus combined industry experience. After being in the Security Industry for over 17 years we have decided to venture out into a whole new world of Technology,
we only use the very latest technology and the most up to date equipment as we strive to be the very best.

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