What is Monitoring & What Are the Benefits

A Monitored Alarm is the best way to protect your Assets. Assets do not always
have to be physical products they can be data Intellectual property too.
A monitored alarm minimises the impact of theft by cutting the time the thieves
have as the alarm acts as a deterrent and provides you with peace of mind.
Your Alarm will be monitored 24hrs a day 7 days a week by our trained alarm
receiving centre operatives. They are there to assess the situation and decide on
the most appropriate response.

You might think the benefits of alarm monitoring does not outweigh the cost in
actual fact monitoring is a vital part of any security and health and safety.

If like us, you understand the importance and benefits of having a monitored
alarm please do not hesitate to contact us.

Every minute counts in a genuine activation which is where monitored alarms really pays
dividends. A third of homeowners ignore a ringing basic bell alarm with our Monitored alarms it guarantees you the response you require you do not have to depend on a neighbour or a passer by to act on your behalf. Relying on a neighbour or friend is also putting their selves at risk in the true event of confrontational situation.

Monitoring identifies issues in the property well before the owners do, this could be a power cut
leading to saving of food in the freezer or for long periods of time a green pool with no filtration. If your property is unoccupied for lengthy periods of time these simple added benefits could
potentially be importance.

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